At Cloud & Coils, we take pride in providing excellent service & expertise for all your vaping needs.

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Our vape shop in Ontario stands out in the industry, we take pride in the quality of our products and our commitment to providing you a wide range of devices & products that cater to your vaping needs. Our mission is to become known from our quality and service as the best vape shop in Brampton. At Cloud & Coils we carry a wide range of herbal vapes in Brampton ensuring you leave with a product that is a perfect fit! If you’re looking for a vape store near Brampton, Cloud and Coils would take pleasure in serving you.

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At Cloud & Coils we have countless options to help you choose the perfect vape for you. We have multiple options in terms of size, colour, price & more to assist you in purchasing a product that fits your needs and personality. For instance, if you were looking for a quick and easy product with less maintenance, vapes made by STLTH could be a suitable option. This device is compact, handy, and easy to set up with little maintenance. Consumers favour this device due to its ergonomic shape, & convenience. Cloud and Coils is a stlth vape retailer with over 40 flavors, and is the best vape shop to provide you with a variety of stlth pods in Brampton. Clouds and Coils also carries vuse pods with over 10 different flavours.

#1 Retailer for Vape Juice in Brampton:

Clouds & Coils offers a vast variety of vape juice in Brampton. With options for strength in nicotine, you can also get nicotine-free juice, and we also carry salt nicotine e-juice which has become very prominent in the vaping world. The sudden rise in its popularity is the noticeably smoother hit. If this is something that interests you, you’re going to find it here in the best salt nicotine vape shop in Brampton. Here at Cloud and Coils we also manufacture our own line of Vape Juice that you do not want to miss out on.

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Another vaping device we carry at Cloud and Coils are disposable vapes. We carry popular brands such as Allo Disposable Vapes, Mr Fog Switch, Mr Fog Max Air, Elf bar, Breeze, IVG, Envy Apex, Drip'n by Envy, Flavour Beast, Pop box, and Vice. These vape pens are considered to be the most convenient option available. They are affordable, do not require recharging, and do not need maintenance. They’re usually built to function for a certain amount of puffs and then thrown away. If you’re looking for disposable vapes in Brampton, Cloud and Coils is your one stop shop for the largest inventory of disposable vapes!

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Awareness for the benefits of vaping is increasing everyday. Whether it is because you want a alternative to smoking, there has never been a better time to make the switch. If you are thinking of making the switch or you're looking for a new vape shop in Brampton, Clouds and Coils Vape Shop Brampton is here to assist you in any way we can. If there is something you want that we don’t carry, let us know and we’ll do our best to bring it in for you. We’ve already brought in hundreds of vape products specifically based on customer requests!

What is vape Juice?

"The Federal Excise Tax has been implemented and will apply to all products containing vape liquids. This tax will be calculated based on the volume of the liquid in each product. This includes vape juice, salt nic, pre-filled pods, and disposables. "